At The Willows Day Nursery, we plan every child’s day to make sure that it is fun and educational. All activities are carefully planned and are prepared appropriate to each age group.

Partnership with Parents

Daily feedback is given to parents as well as parent's evenings held twice a year. Parents are encouraged to discuss their children's progress regularly with staff, and all nurseries have an "Open Door” Policy, recognising the importance of parents having trust and confidence in our care of their children.


Your child will be offered the opportunity to play games sometimes adult led that are developmentally correct for your child’s age and stage of development. They are all designed to provide your child with your child’s learning and a bit of fun thrown in!!!


Your child will have a selection of books to look at, read and learn from whilst they are at the club. They will all be developmentally suitable for your children.

Physical activities

Your child will be encouraged to take part in physical play such as skipping, dancing, football and running games. We will try to help keep your child as healthy as possible!!

Your child will also be encouraged to join in with our extra activities which include learning basic French to playing a musical instrument such as the violin, guitar piano or saxophone.

Special Needs

The Willows Day Nursery has a strong commitment to children with Special Needs and operates an inclusive environment for each child’s needs. The Nursery has a designated Special Needs Co-ordinator who is fully qualified with experience of children with a number of health and educational needs. All children are encouraged to take part in Nursery activities.