This provision is good

Staff have a thorough knowledge of how children learn through play, which means that they plan and teach very effectively for individual children.

Assessments are precise and are based on detailed observations of children's learning. These are monitored very closely so that all children make very good progress.

Children are safe because the management team ensures that staff understand and implement the effective policies and procedures and supervise children very well.

Healthy eating is promoted well and children are active outdoors each day. Their needs are fully met through the daily sharing of information with parents and carers so that children are happy and settled.

There is a very strong partnership with parents and carers and they are guided very effectively in their support of children's learning at home.

There is very well-focused monitoring of staff performance and self-evaluation so that children's learning experiences continually improve.

It is not yet outstanding because

There is even further scope to enhance the already very strong partnership with parents through extending ways in which they can support children's learning at home even more effectively.”


We aim to address this last point by introducing our new website to enhance our already strong relationship with parents.

See the Ofsted website for more details.