About us

The need for good quality childcare

Providing children with good-quality education and care in their earliest years can help them succeed at school and later in life. This contributes to creating a society where opportunities are equal regardless of background.  Affordable and easily accessible childcare is also crucial for working families - it can help create more opportunities for parents who wish, or need, to work and raise children at the same time. (Department for Education, updated September 2014).

Fulfilling the need

This is a situation, The Willows Day Nursery is ideally positioned to help address.  We have trained staff and a purpose-built premises, which is used to deliver excellent quality affordable childcare in line with the Government proposals.

The Nursery has great facilities and offers...

Our Aims

We have two main aims: the first is to provide a happy, safe environment for your child so that they look forward to the time they spend with us and enjoy their early learning years.  Secondly we want to provide the best for your child - the best staff, the best care and the best education. To achieve these objectives we believe in three key ingredients:

Caring, responsive, qualified staff

The Willows Day Nursery staff are carefully selected and vetted by the health and police authorities.  We place as much emphasis on personality as qualifications when choosing staff - we only employ people who have a warm, friendly approach and a genuine understanding of children and their need for a stimulating and challenging environment.  We encourage staff use their autonomy and creativity when putting forward their own suggestions about activities to suit the individual needs of the children in their care.

Stage Appropriate Curriculum

The Willows Day Nursery has consulted experts in the fields of early year's education, nutrition, health and physical development so we can be sure that all the needs of the children in our care have been considered.  Ultimately, we encourage learning with an emphasis on fun.  Our effort is made to help children choose activities that encourage educational success as well as social, emotional and physical development.

Nursery has been Designed for Children

Our Nursery consists of a number of rooms specially designed and furnished to meet the needs of young children. Room arrangements are appropriate to the child's age group and both furniture and equipment are child sized. Our rooms are light and bright and aim to encourage children to explore and learn safely at their own pace. Access to the nursery is by an entrance controlled by staff so that only authorised people can gain entry and children are allowed to leave only with designated adults.